AR/VR App Development

Reconnaissance Technologies AR/VR solutions create immersive experiences, transforming the way your interact with you customers. Whether it's for training, marketing, or product visualization, these technologies offer a new dimension of engagement

AR/VR Development - Reconnaissance Technologies

Industry Application

Industry Use Cases for Our AR/VR Development Solution

Our expert team in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies delivers various solutions across different industries and applications

Training and Education

Our expertise in creating immersive training simulations for various fields like healthcare (surgical training), aviation (flight simulations), military training, and more. It's also employed in education for interactive learning experiences

Gaming and Entertainment

Gaining significant traction, our VR solution offers immersive gaming experiences. Also, blending the virtual world with the real one, in gaming apps such as Pokémon GO


These technologies assist in medical training, patient care, pain management, and therapies. For instance, utilizing VR for exposure therapy in treating phobias or PTSD

Marketing and Advertising

AR solution for marketing campaigns to create interactive experiences for consumers. For instance, AR filters on social media platforms or AR-enabled catalogs allowing users to visualize products in their environment before purchasing

Tourism and Hospitality

VR solution for virtual tours of destinations or hotel rooms, allowing potential travelers to explore and experience places remotely.

Remote Collaboration and Communication

VR solution that enables remote teams to collaborate in virtual environments, fostering teamwork and reducing the need for physical presence

AR/VR Integration and Development to Revolutionize Customer Interactions

We offer complete AR/VR development services for various industries and much more. Whether you are looking to build your own AR/VR enabled games, integrating AR/VR in your software products, we provide differentiated services exactly tailored to meet your needs.

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Frameworks We Use

Our experts specialize in frameworks for AR/VR development services.

ARCore - Reconnaissance Technologies


By utilizing ARCore's capabilities, Reconnaissance Technologies' compelling AR solutions ranges from AR-based navigation, gaming, educational tools, interior design apps, to industrial training simulations and more, offering innovative and engaging experiences to your users

Unreal Engine - Reconnaissance Technologies

Unreal Engine

Reconnaissance Technologies leverages Unreal Engine's powerful capabilities to develop augmented reality (AR) solutions. Unreal Engine is renowned for its robustness in creating immersive experiences and its suitability for AR/VR applications due to its high-fidelity rendering and versatile toolset

Vuforia - Reconnaissance Technologies


By leveraging Vuforia's tools and expertise in AR development, Reconnaissance Technologies creates innovative and tailored solutions that meet your specific needs, enhancing various aspects of your businesses or user experiences through augmented reality

Apple's ARKit - Reconnaissance Technologies

Apple's ARKit

By leveraging these features and functionalities provided by ARKit, Reconnaissance Technologies crafts innovative AR solutions for various purposes, such as gaming, education, retail, navigation, and more

Elevate Your Business with AR/VR

Experience the Transformational Impact of AR/VR Solutions for Next-Level Business Success!

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Our Partners Are

Visionary Businesses and Diverse Clientele

Explore our proven track record of delivering AR/VR solutions to diverse customer segments ranging from startups to large enterprises. Discover how we can assist you in achieving your business goals.


From ambitious entrepreneurs to VC funded ventures, we have supported startups in their technological journey, helping them transform ideas into reality.

Product Companies

We have partnered with product-focused businesses, assisting them in developing AR/VR solutions and services to meet market demands and stay ahead of the competition.


Collaborating with digital agencies, we have contributed to the creation of captivating digital experiences, leveraging our expertise to deliver innovative and impactful solutions that engage and inspire.


Our extensive experience working with large enterprises enables us to provide AR/VR solutions for their use cases, ensuring optimal performance.