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From mobile apps, subscription management platform, social networking applications to sophisticated new portal, Reconnaissance Technologies offers solutions to ensure media asset flow.

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What We've Achieved

Our Significant achievements in this industry

Media and entertainment solutions for the areas related to digital advertising, live streaming, networking and digital publishing.

20k+ Songs

Effortless daily streaming of songs

10M+ Articles

Insights and News Articles published

420k+ Multimedia

Seamless sharing of multimedia files

30k+ Artists

Connecting artists around the globe

Media & Entertainment Software Solutions

Web, mobile and software applications involving live streaming, for efficient multimedia content distribution.

Music Streaming Application

Music Streaming apps for quick access to Artists, Music Tracks, Podcasts, Albums based on your preferences.

Video Streaming Application

Build video streaming apps similar to Netflix to view live video streaming from the comfort of your home.

Social Networking Platform

Social networking platform app development to ensure seamless connectivity with friends and family across the globe.

Dating & Matchmaking Apps

Dating apps development with features such as virtual dates, video-based features, making it simpler to meet more people.